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Since 1977, Piano factory has been the premier business to turn to when in need of piano repair, restoration, and tuning. We will even pick up and deliver within a 200-mile radius. This is because we are committed to providing the best customer service in St. Louis. We provide a host of services including rebuilding, refinishing, restringing, scratch removal, and more.
Music is a beautiful thing, and if you have a piano in your home, the very least you can do is keep it in top condition. Studies indicate that children or adults who study music do well in other academic areas. There is simply something about music that stirs the mind and soul. The reality is that music makes the brain happy. When listening to a song that you like, dopamine is released in the brain’s nucleus. There is anticipation of pleasure! All this is good, but if your piano is on the brink, it means there will be music that you or your family cannot enjoy. You can also take into consideration the fact that there is an expensive asset in your home that is not being put to use.
We have years of experience repairing and servicing pianos. We are professional, and our service is impeccable. Our employees are knowledgeable and arrive with one purpose in mind: to get the job done. They are focused, but friendly. With respect to restoration, think customization and craftsmanship. We have the talent, commitment and tools to do the job like no one else. Call today, we are happy to give you an estimate of what your repairs or restoration is likely to cost. We will also give you a timetable for how long it should take. We know how important it is for you to get that beautiful piano back in record time.

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