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Where can you find the most professional and reliable piano tuning in St. Louis, MO? Piano Factory is your final destination. We are the folks to call when you need a professional piano tuning specialist. Unfortunately, there are a vast number of piano owners unaware that their piano needs fine tuning on a regular basis. Digital pianos, of course, do not need this level of maintenance. For many, it is hard to imagine a fine and expensive baby grand falling into a category of disorder. It is just reality. There is no musical instrument with real strings that does not need tuning on a regular basis. The hammers that strikes strings, or the fingers that pluck, or the bow that glides across the string will eventually cause the string to get out of tune.
A properly tuned piano will sound like new. A fine instrument can be slightly out of tune without the owner even being aware of it. If the piano is used in a professional setting, it is tuned more frequently than a piano sitting in someone’s home. Generally speaking, a piano needs tuning at least once a year. Twice a year would be even better. A professional piano tuner is expert at piano sound adjustment and piano tuning frequency. We are a piano company that you can depend on to get piano sound tuning right the first time around.
At the Piano Factory, you will also experience the best in piano sales. We stock vintage pianos, consoles, spinets, and studio pianos at prices we think you will love. Call and ask about our piano tuning cost. Our piano store offers full-service options. You can also ask about our pre-owned pianos.

Remember, when you need a friendly tuner that is knowledgeable and professional, we are the folks to call.

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